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 Welcome to Wonderland!

I am your host, Alice Crawley, and here in Wonderland we have real, raw and robust conversations about multi-dimensional addictions and recovery in the spirit of saving and changing lives. And yes, it’s intense at times, but we’ll have a damn good laugh at times too. I’ll be speaking to a series of experts and those with lived experience with a diversity of addiction and how they’ve recovered over the years, including lapses on their path to freedom.  Let’s connect with heart, humour and cut through honesty about living with addictions to strip away the stigma while we share, learn and evolve as a community. While addiction is deadly serious, we don’t have to take ourselves seriously, and we can have a laugh while cultivating life saving and changing conversations.  

We are a nation of addicts in Australia. Addiction is feeding a mental and financial health crisis in the order of 85 billion dollars a year. Addictions, eating disorders, digital and other behavioural addictions are on the rise and 500,000 Australians are suffering the impacts and do not have access to treatment. Let’s open up the conversation about addictions and share our stories, solutions and strategies to find freedom from this devastating disease together.

If you’re doing a destructive dance with addiction, you’re not alone. My addictions career spans several decades and includes disordered eating, drugs, spending, exercise and work addiction. The one thing, regardless of the form of the addition, that it does well  consistently well, is isolates you, deludes you and derails you from your truth. I’m floored by the creative adaptivity of this disease. I’ve had a very nonlinear recovery but been based in recover circles for nearly two decades and there is one home truth I’ve anchored to which has kept me alive. I need to be honest with myself and trusted tribe. Addictions thrives in the darks and drives denial and delusion and tapping into my trusted triage with shared experience who will remind me of the pain I’m in when I activate addiction.

The disease of addiction drives a lot of secret and shame driven based behaviours which feeds a vicious cycle which erodes the self-esteem in silence – it’s deeply isolating. Often deadly. It isn’t easy to break open this topic without some edge, rawness and discomfort. That is why I declare deflective humour as my ego defence mechanism of choice. I allow space for the depth and intensity of this topic, it is, after all, life and death, but we must have a laugh in the process.

Please join us here in Wonderland where we’re having candid, cut through and confronting conversations about addictions to strip away the stigma while we share, learn and evolve as a community. While addiction is deadly serious, we don’t have to take ourselves seriously all the time.

In the immortal words of Lewis Carroll, said by The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, “We’re all mad here.” And there is nothing wrong with that! There is help. You’re not alone. Stay connected.